The fight continues...

After our win at VCAT last year to stop the demolition of 1 Vic Ave, the developer has submitted a new planning application (No. 880/2019). Once again the permit is to demolish our unique heritage building and replace it with an inappropriate development.


It's one less storey this time around, however it would still be an eyesore in our village and not at all fitting with its surroundings or the character of Albert Park.


Here are the reasons we believe the demolition and redevelopment shouldn't be approved. PLEASE USE AS A GUIDE ONLY - USE YOUR OWN WORDS IN YOUR OBJECTION.

1 Vic Ave streetscape
1 Vic Ave streetscape



1 Vic Ave streetscape
1 Vic Ave streetscape


1. The existing building at 1 Victoria Avenue has not been proven by the Applicant in this Application (or previous) to be so structurally unsound that is needs to be demolished. The VCAT decision Clause 89 supports this.

2. The existing building has a heritage classification of being significant and is within a Heritage Precinct Overlay. It cannot be demolished without an independent assessment of its structural unsoundness. This hasn’t been provided.

3. The proposed building does not comply with Council’s Planning Policy that requires any replacement of a building of significance within the Heritage Precinct overlay, must display ‘design excellence’  which supports the area’s ongoing heritage significance.

4. The proposed building does not fit in with the existing streetscape of predominantly single and two storey Victorian terraces. Out of character to the streetscape in Merton St and neighbouring properties in Victoria Ave and Bridport St

5. Height, size and bulk of building – is massive in comparison to the mainly two (2) storey existing buildings and streetscape.

6. Dominant location - proposed building will diminish, detract and compete unfavourably with the heritage of the area

7. The Rooftop Terrace makes it a four story development + Basement

8. Basement Bar is inappropriate next to a residential area – will cause late night noise and disturbance to local residents

9. Serviced apartments are inappropriate in the context of the area.

10. Proposed development is completely out of character with neighbourhood

11. No car parking is to be provided on-site for the serviced apartments or customers of the food and drink premises.

THank you.png

A huge thank you to all of the wonderful people in our community (and visitors to the area) who have helped us get this far with our fight to save 1 Victoria Avenue Albert Park.


Let's keep supporting each other and ensuring the City of Port Phillip know that we LOVE the heritage buildings of Albert Park and don't want them destroyed.